Toronto Public Library Homepage

That is, the Toronto Public Library will be at Monarch Park Collegiate for the win … YOUR win, lucky student! Here’s why:

A librarian from TPL will be here to answer ALL your questions about volunteering, reading programs, database research, magazine and video downloads, and more.  This is happening Tuesday, May 20th at lunch, upstairs in the library.

Another win: TPL is bringing author Debra Anderson to speak about writing and answer any questions you might have.  TPL is bringing her in as a special event for World Pride.  Two English classes have signed up already, but if you would like to come on your own, sign up in the library. This is happening Friday, May 23rd in Period C, in Ferguson Hall. 

Here’s her bio:

Debra Anderson is the recipient of the Writers’ Trust of Canada’s prestigious Dayne Debra AndersonOgilvie Prize, given to an emerging Canadian writer from the LGBT community and is a graduate of York University’s Creative Writing Program. Debra has taught innovative Creative Writing Workshops at Word on the Street and to various youth organizations and writing groups. She has lectured across Canada as a guest author and her writing has been widely anthologized. Her novel, Code White is taught at York University in WMST 1510 – ‘Sex, Gender & Popular Culture’ (2014). Broken Pencil Magazine described Code White as “the kind of book that those ‘chick lit’ books have nightmares about.”

Using Prezis for ESL D and E

Prezi is a useful tool to organize your presentation for Dr. Mazilis’ ESL D and E research assignment.

Create a free account at with any webmail address. Prezi is easy to use and much more interactive than Powerpoint and other Slide Presentations.  Choose a theme, add extra pictures and movement, and you will hold your audience’s attention.

ESL Prezi


Check out Encyclopedia Britannica for General Context on the History of the United Nations’ missions:

Remember many UN documents can be read directly from the UN site:


Thesis Statement Help

Writing an argumentative paper is a challenge for many people, but it is an important skill to learn.  What is an argumentative paper? Purdue university’s Online Writing Lab says:

An argumentative paper makes a claim about a topic and justifies this claim with specific evidence. The claim could be an opinion, a policy proposal, an evaluation, a cause-and-effect statement, or an interpretation. The goal of the argumentative paper is to convince the audience that the claim is true based on the evidence provided.

The argumentative paper needs a thoughtful and interesting thesis.  Examples of good and bad theses can be found at the U of T online writing help site:

Building a thesis should start with planning.  Use this map to guide you:

Prison Documentaries

Happy Friday, everyone — and especially to Mrs. Ferry’s Grade 11 Law class.  Your Friday treat? Prison documentaries!  Check out some of the docs listed on the pdf below – they’re from,, and    You will receive passwords and the nfb playlist url in class.

prison documentaries

Don’t forget the databases when you’re doing your research!  The Canadian Student Research Centre is a great place to start.