History Research made Easy

There are so very many great sources for researching history — in other words, you have no excuse for using some cheap, off-brand website with no author or publication date.  Use the library handout for all your superior quality, name brand sources. Also, pick up our passwords “learnmark” to help you explore the databases and other paid-for sources at home.

Writing Resumes

Welcome Coop Students:

Be sure to check out myBlueprint.ca under Links (above) to customize your resume for each Job application.

If your having trouble deciding what your interested in, look at “Jobs People Do” under Library Resources – Databases. Many helps for resume writing can be found under Library Resources – Secondary Subjects, in the Career Studies and Cooperative Education sections.

Don’t forget to check out our catalogue to open your mind to more ideas about “Career opportunities…” and Job skills that might help you in your research.

Civics Research

What makes a source reliable?  There are a few basic things to look for: a qualified author, good information, and a recognizable name.  A good source is also clearly marked as an opinion piece if it is, and does not contain opinions if it is not (i.e. a newspaper editorial vs. a newspaper article).

Canadian Student Research Centre is a database that pulls together information from reputable newspapers, magazines and other media from all over the world.  Its search function allows you to refine your search easily by giving you a list of suggestions, so you don’t have to be overwhelmed by choices. Click on the link above and start finding your reliable sources now!


Welcome Back!

We hope you had a restful and fun summer.  We’re pretty excited to be back, and ready to start adding to the collection.  Come by, tell us what you’d like to see in the library and check out our bigger Reader’s Pick section for your next read!