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Check out the TDSB Virtual Library

Visit our virtual collection online.  You can access it on the menu above under Library Resources and Catalogue, Encyclopedias, and Databases. It’s much easier to use than before, and you can access all the same resources more quickly.

icon_catalogue[1]Our catalogue for books and resources in our collection is now on the top left. Go here to find the location of a book in Non-fiction, Fiction, Reader’s Picks or Graphic Novels.

icon_quickFindsEncyclopedia Britannica is now under quick finds and is your fastest way to good, reliable information on a number of topics. CultureGrams and some video sources are also here.

icon_searchAll our databases and resources are now combined in one unified search engine.  You start by choosing grades 9-12 at the bottom of the page. You can still access the databases one at a time, as in the past, using A-Z databases.

icon_spacesmyBlueprint is moved to Spaces-Teens-Your Future. In the Teen Space you can also find the Community Involvement Form and OEN Lookup.

icon_inquiryCitation helps are found by expanding Inquiry – Citation on the left, or through the citation button on the Inquiry tile, but don’t click directly on Inquiry because you can’t access the citation helps there.

icon_francaisFrench resources are much more conveniently grouped together under Français. Access to french encyclopedias, eBooks and games is now available with one click.

icon_publicLibraryDon’t forget the Public Library for your 8 free movie rentals a month, and a much larger collection of magazines, eBooks, and book reviews that are all available online.

You’ll find that the new Virtual Library is much easier to use, since the most popular resources are all one click away. If you can’t find something, or if you would like to see something on our homepage, just ask.  There’ll be more to come in the weeks ahead.

You don’t have to wait for your class to come to the library.  Stop in for a visit as soon as you want, periods 1-3 on a spare, or outside class time. We have a great space and we’re here to help you.

Summer Reading

Hey all– we’re counting the days to the REAL first day of summer, when vacation starts.  Do you have your reading yet? Let me help you.  Here are the most popular books in the MPC library this year (books are linked to the Toronto Public Library, so you can read a summary, place a hold or find out which branch has the book):

In the manga category: Attack on Titan, Full Metal Alchemist, and Arisa.

In comic books: Ms Marvel , Tomboy: a graphic memoir and The Outside Circle (also voted best White Pine book at our school, a rivetingand beaurtiful

In fantasy: The Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer (Star Wars meets fairy tales with awesome girl protagonists) and anything by Rick Riordan, but especially the new Apollo series.

In horror: The Bodies We Wear by Jeyn Roberts (winner of the White Pine Award this year) and The Troop by Nick Cutter.

We hope you find some great books this summer!  When you come back in the fall, drop by the library to tell your new librarian (for the  year), Ms Moroz!



White Pine Winners

Rush by Eve Silver is this year’s winner of the White Pine Award.  Honor books were The Unlikely Hero of Room 22B and Baygirl. Also popular at our school was The Silent Summer of Kyle McGinley.

These books (as well as Push, the sequel to Rush) are available for signout now — or for summer reading!


eve silver 006Here are some lucky MPC readers with the winning author, Eve Silver.  We were fortunate that the Toronto Public Library brought her fascinating and inspiring workshop to our students!

Authors We Love: Suzanne Collins

The MPC library is lucky to have many brilliant volunteers.  They organize, they shelve, they help, they clean… and most importantly, they read.  These great readers contribute to our Readers’ Pick reviews and display in our fiction section, and now, they are creating a weekly rotation of “Authors We Love.”   Our first featured author is Suzanne Collins!  Here’s Emma Carey with more:

When I read The Hunger Games series it was clear that it was going to become extremely popular. The ideas behind The Hunger Games were great and the plot moved along very well. I loved Katniss and most of all I loved Peeta. I am personally not a fan of love triangles  at all, so the Katniss, Peeta, Gale triangle just bugged me. But I loved the rest of the book (some major spoilers follow) and when Rue died I cried for three days. Catching Fire I loved a little lessThe beginning started very slow and was quite boring, but when Katniss was back in the games, the plot quickly picked up again. The ending was a huge cliffhanger with Peeta being captured by the capital. I had some major problems with Mockingbird. I had to force myself to start reading it. Fortunately the plot picked up as it went along or else I would have had to abandon ship. But I am very glad that I persevered and finished it because overall it was a great book. The ending was heartbreaking but parts of it seemed a little unrealistic to me but other than that it was great. Please read The Hunger Games! You won’t regret it.

-Emma Carey