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By clicking Library Resources on the menu bar above, you will be connected to the TDSB Virtual Library, which has a ton of useful stuff for your research and reading pleasure! Use it to find databases, videos and curated websites, get help with citations, or find a new book in the catalogue. If you have any questions about it, ask Ms Green in the library, or by email at rebecca.green@tdsb.on.ca.

History Research for Grade 10 students: A Review

Here’s what we did last time we met:

We’ll start our lesson with a look at plagiarism and academic honesty, using the tutorial “You Quote It, You Note It”. 

We’ll then look at how to cite try out MLA style with this citation overview and exercise.

Test your skills here:Online Citation Test

In addition to the databases listed on the  history handout and books that you can access through this site, you may want to explore the primary sources available at these websites:

CBC Archives

City of Toronto Archives

Library and Archives Canada

Local History and Genealogy – Toronto Public Library

Pro tip: when you’re searching on the internet for sources, try limiting your search by type “site:edu” after your search term, in order to limit your returns to university websites.


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