We love WeVideo for movies and podcasts!

TDSB has purchased a licence for WeVideo so you can access all the extras and make your films longer than 5 minutes! Set up your account here:


In grade 9 art, we made mini-videos about our favourite things, using this doc as our guide:

The Favourite Thing Video and WeVideo Gameboard

If you’re making a podcast, follow my quick guide:

Podcasting with WeVideo

Otherwise, the best way to learn the program is to play around with it! It’s a similar platform to iMovie and Moviemaker. Ask Ms Green for help if you get stuck!

White Pine is Back!

We are so happy to announce the the White Pine Book Club is back. This is an Ontario-wide reading program where high school students read from a selection of ten Canadian YA novels. We will meet on Fridays after school to discuss the books.

Forest of Reading website has descriptions of all the books, as does our library instagram!

You can also join our White Pine Google Classroom here: https://classroom.google.com/c/NDY3NDU3MTExOTky?cjc=mp53k6r

Congratulations, short story writers! Now it’s the artists’ turn…

First prize: Mira Ward (above)

Second prize: Stella Robichaud 

Third prize: Sophie Kranenborg

A note from the judges: All of the submitted short stories were amazing! It was so difficult to choose a winner that we ended up choosing a top 3, deciding that all three deserved recognition. However, because all the stories were so spooky, scary, and well-written, we felt that every story deserved to be read by any MPC student who wished to read it. Thus, here is a compilation of all 17 submitted spooky short stories written by MPC students ranging from grade 9 to 12.

Spooky Stories of MPC

Now we are having a contest for the cover page for the short story collection. It should by 8.5×11, vertical, in any medium, and have the title “Spooky Stories of MPC” You can hand your submission in person at the library or by email to rebecca.green@tdsb.on.ca

Spooky Story Contest!

The library is hosting a short story contest just in time for Halloween. We are looking for a max of 1000 words, handed in by next Friday, Oct. 29. The winning author will receive a basket of chocolate and the option to publish their story on our instagram. You can upload your story here: Short Story Contest form or drop off a printed copy to Ms Green in the library.