Here we go again…

Hey friends, as we enter this month of virtual schooling, don’t forget that this website has lots of supports for your online learning, whether it’s trusted resources, ebooks, or citation help.

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White Pine Winners Announced!

Drumroll please…..

Congratulations to author Courtney Summers for winning with Sadie! Fun fact, this is Summers’s fifth time being nominated for the White Pine Award and her first win.



Check out the full awards here:


And read the books this summer from TPL!

What we’re reading next…

There are lots of new books in the library! You can see them on the top row of the library catalogue or come by and check out the new arrivals shelf by the checkout desk. One book we are really excited to read is Homes, a memoir about a childhood in Iraq and Syria. Here are the authors discussing the book for cbc:


Happy New Year!

As you prepare for culminatings and exams, try to make some time for yourself to read for fun– we’ve got lots of new books and comics in the library for you to sign out and enjoy. Browse them in person or online — just click the “Catalogue” button to the right of this post!

Make a podcast in your library!

Making a podcast can be a fun and interesting way to share your learning.

If you are unfamiliar with podcasts, have a listen to a few to get a sense of how they work, like this one on athletes found on

You can use  Audacity, a simple program that allows you to record and import audio, then edit it with really intuitive tools. You can access the Audacity tutorials for help getting started. This Youtube video will give you a good overview.

To plan your podcast, read this article.

Make a copy of this template (based on the article) and fill it out for your podcast plan.

Remember, when you’re making your podcast, don’t steal music!  For good sources of free and copyright-free tunes, check out

CC Mixter

Free Music Archive


Partners in Rhyme