May: Jewish Heritage Month

In May in the TDSB, we celebrate and honour Jewish heritage.

TDSB Resources

Jewish Heritage Month Guide

TDSB Holocaust and Genocide Education site

Web sites to check out:

The Canadian Jewish Heritage Network

Center for Jewish History

Jewish American Heritage Month. 

Ontario Jewish Archives. 



Bubar, J. (2019). The Doomed Voyage of the St. Louis: Eighty years ago, a ship approached U.S. shores with more than 900 Jewish refugees on board, begging for safety from the Nazis. What happened next might surprise you. New York Times Upfront, 151(11), 16–19.

Rubin, D.I. (2017). Whiter shade of pale: making the case for Jewish presence in the multicultural classroom. International Journal of Multicultural Education, 19(2), 131-145.

Two thirds of secondary school children do not know what anti-semitism means. (2015). 14-19 Learning & Skills Bulletin, (171), 2. 



Abella, I.M., & Troper, H.M. (2017). None is too many: Canada and the Jews of Europe, 1933-1948. Buffalo: University of Toronto Press. [Available at some TDSB school libraries, Gr 6-8]

         The definitive study of Canada’s refusal to offer aid, let alone sanctuary, to Jews fleeing Nazi persecution between 1933 and 1948.

Walters, E., & Kacer, K. (2019). Broken strings. Toronto: Puffin Canada. [Novel; Available at some TDSB school libraries]

Kacer, K. (2015). Stones on a grave. Victoria, BC: Orca Book Publishers. [Novel; Available at some TDSB school libraries]

Jewish Heritage Month: Resource guidebook. (2020). Toronto: Simon Wiesenthal Center for Holocaust Studies. [eBook] [Available for Download]



TVO. Untold Stories of the Tailor Project. The Agenda with Steve Paikin. 2019. 24 min. Gr 9-12

Inside Hana’s Suitcase – Documentary

[DVD] Inside Hana’s suitcase. 2011.  94 min. Gr 9-12.

CBC. What the Montreal: Behind the Montreal bagel. 2019 3:12 min. Gr 7-12.

McIntyre. Eastern European immigration experiences. 2017. 18 min. Gr 7-12.  [Also as DVD]

Toronto Star. What allowed 1,000 survivors of the Holocaust to come to Canada? 2018 Gr 7-12


May: Asian Heritage Month

In May, we celebrate Asian Heritage Month. This year’s theme is Discover. Share. Celebrate.

Asia has great political, economic, social, ethnic, cultural and religious diversity; this diversity creates challenges when we attempt to define Asia in geographic and political terms. The inclusive and broad definition of Asian used by the TDSB Asian Heritage Month committee includes, but is not limited to all people whose ancestors came from the following:

✓•  East Asia (China, Japan, Korea, Taiwan);

✓•  South Asia (India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, Bhutan);

✓•  Southeast Asia (Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Philippines);

✓•  Central Asia (Afghanistan, Iran, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan)

TDSB Resources

Asian Heritage Month Guide

Celebrating Asian Heritage Month Through the Arts

 Asian Heritage Society of Manitoba.  (2017). Asian Canadian History A Brief History of Asian Canadians.         

  • Concise historical timeline of Asian Canadians.

Virtual Museum of Asian Canadian Cultural Heritage




Flanagan, R. (2020, July 8). StatCan survey shows new evidence of increase in anti-Asian sentiment, attacks.


Gnanadass, E. G. (2014). Learning to teach about race. Adult Learning, 25(3), 96-102. 


Leung, Carrianne. 2020. Racism: The Other Pandemic. University College.


Saunders, Doug. June 15, 2018. For this generation of Filipino Canadians broken policies have left a scar. The Globe and Mail.


Liao, Carol. May 16, 2020. COVID-19 has put a harsh spotlight on the anti-Asian racism that has always existed in Canada. CBC News.




Ahmed, S. (2018). Love, hate & other filters. [Novel; Available at some TDSB school libraries]. New York: Soho Teen. [Indian, Muslim]  Also as eBook


Bui, T. (2017). The best we could do: An illustrated memoir. [Graphic novel; Available at some TDSB school libraries]. New York: Abrams ComicArts. [Vietnames]


Dere, W.G.W. (2019). Being Chinese in Canada: The struggle for identity, redress and belonging.  Madeira Park, BC: Douglas and McIntyre Ltd.


Park, L.S. (2001). A single shard. New York: Clarion Books. [Novel: Available at some TDSB school libraries]. [Korean]


Rice, P.C. (2019). South Asian American experiences in schools: Brown voices from the classroom. Lanham: Lexington Books. [South Asian]




CBC. Asian Canadian women take centre stage in Factory Theatre production, ‘Lady Sunrise.’ (2020) 6:03 min. Gr 9-12


Curio. Canada Reads 2018: Mark Sakamoto on Forgiveness. (2018). 4:27 min. Gr 7-12 [Japanese]


Curio. Canada Reads 2021: Two Trees Make a Forest by Jessica J. Lee. (2021). 14:00 min. Gr 9-12 [Taiwan]


TIFF Talks. Connecting Across Cultures: Celebrating Asian Canadian Storytellers (2019) Gr 9-12 [YouTube]

TVO. Being Brown Around the World. The Agenda (2016) 27 min. Gr 9-12


Greek Heritage month resources

March is Greek Heritage month in Toronto and the TDSB. The theme this year is:

Freedom and Unity – Ελευθερíα και Ενóτητα

Learning from Our Roots…Shaping Our Future

The focus of this year’s Greek Heritage Month is based on 2021 being the 200th Year of Independence for Greece: 1821-2021

Our library has lots of great fiction and non-fiction resources from comics about the Greek gods to contemporary info and history books about Greece.

You can access these resources through our catalogue on the menu. Refer to this blog post for a refresher on reserves.

Outrageous women of ancient times
The school library catalogue will also give you links to videos like How the Greeks Changed the World (passwords on the TDSB Virtual Library site if you need them)
Outside of library resources, you can find some amazing work at the Greek Canadian History Project .  Their Online Exhibits contain links to a number of photos showing the rich contributions of the Greek Canadian community.

Black History Resources for February…and beyond

Learning and celebrating Black history and combating anti-Black racism should be priorities in education every month of the year! So this month, as we reflect on all the resources available, I hope we can keep planning for how we will continue this learning and action beyond February 28.


One of my favourite books last year was How Long Until Black Future Month? — a collection of science fiction short stories by award-winning writer N. K. Jemisin. Recently I’ve been enjoying the stories in a new form on the podcast Levar Burton Reads which I also cannot recommend highly enough!


Enslaved is a docuseries that looks at the hidden history of the transatlantic slave trade and is available on CBC Gem.

And if you haven’t seen it already, Charles Officer’s The Skin We’re In with Desmond Cole is a very worthwhile examination of Canada’s history of anti-Black racism.

Learn and Act

MPC/TDSB has a list of webinars and resources here for students and parents. The Elementary Teachers Federation of Ontario (etfo) has a great collection of resources as well as this amazing poster, by Leone McComas.




Here we go again…

Hey friends, as we enter this month of virtual schooling, don’t forget that this website has lots of supports for your online learning, whether it’s trusted resources, ebooks, or citation help.

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