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Join Book Club!

Like reading?  Like talking?  You might just be a candidate for the MPC library Book Club!  Join co-ordinator Emma Carey, Ms Green, and a bunch of other like-minded readers on Mondays at lunch for good chats about great books.

Grade 9 Business at Your Library

As a class, we will go over the concepts of plagiarism, academic honesty, and citations, as well as reliable sources.  We will use this handout on Citation for Beginners to guide our discussion, and view the tutorial by Acadia University called “You Quote It, You Note It”.

On your computer, you will review reliable sources by doing this activity:

Online Scavenger Hunt for BTT

Then you will practice your citation skills by doing this activity:

Computer Citation Practice for BTT

Your name is collected along with your responses for both activities; you will be assessed!


To review what you have learned, check out Research Tutorial’s video on In-text Citations.