We love WeVideo for movies and podcasts!

TDSB has purchased a licence for WeVideo so you can access all the extras and make your films longer than 5 minutes! Set up your account here:


In grade 9 art, we are making mini-videos about our favourite things. Use this doc as your guide:

The Favourite Thing Video and WeVideo Gameboard

If you’re making a podcast, follow my quick guide:

Podcasting with WeVideo

Congratulations, short story writers! Now it’s the artists’ turn…

First prize: Mira Ward (above)

Second prize: Stella Robichaud 

Third prize: Sophie Kranenborg

A note from the judges: All of the submitted short stories were amazing! It was so difficult to choose a winner that we ended up choosing a top 3, deciding that all three deserved recognition. However, because all the stories were so spooky, scary, and well-written, we felt that every story deserved to be read by any MPC student who wished to read it. Thus, here is a compilation of all 17 submitted spooky short stories written by MPC students ranging from grade 9 to 12.

Spooky Stories of MPC

Now we are having a contest for the cover page for the short story collection. It should by 8.5×11, vertical, in any medium, and have the title “Spooky Stories of MPC” You can hand your submission in person at the library or by email to rebecca.green@tdsb.on.ca