White Pine Winners Announced!

Drumroll please…..

Congratulations to author Courtney Summers for winning with Sadie! Fun fact, this is Summers’s fifth time being nominated for the White Pine Award and her first win.



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And read the books this summer from TPL!


Literary Theory Research

For research on Literary Criticism, check out Bloom’s Literary Reference (under Library Resources> MPC databases) and the Literary Reference Center (under Library Resources > Catalogue, Encyclopedias and Databases >Databases).  Also search the Gale Virtual Reference Library, where a number of online books can help you in your search for good quality information  (under Library Resources > Catalogue, Encyclopedias and Databases >ebooks).

The following websites are also useful:

Introduction to Modern Literary Theory

Dr. Kristi Siegel’s basic overview of many literary theories.  Also links to other professors’ sites.

Literary Resources on the Net

This page features a collection of links curated by Jack Lynch, a professor in the English department, of the Newark campus of Rutgers University, specializing in the English literature of the eighteenth century and the history of the English language. It is no longer maintained, but some of the links are excellent.

Literary Theory and Schools of Criticism

This is the site from Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) – fairly in-depth articles.  Bonus – just a page away from all the writing and citation help you’ll ever need! (Has ecocriticism)

Critical Theory: Introduction to Literature

Concise articles by Washington State U Professor of English Michael Delahoyde giving overviews of the different schools of criticism.

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

This is a peer-reviewed site with academic articles; I’ve linked you here to Prof. Vince Brewton’s article on Literary Theory.

NEW: Take a look at how I cited sources in a presentation. (Note- this is in Prezi. Don’t do your presentation in Prezi.)

White Pine Winners

Rush by Eve Silver is this year’s winner of the White Pine Award.  Honor books were The Unlikely Hero of Room 22B and Baygirl. Also popular at our school was The Silent Summer of Kyle McGinley.

These books (as well as Push, the sequel to Rush) are available for signout now — or for summer reading!


eve silver 006Here are some lucky MPC readers with the winning author, Eve Silver.  We were fortunate that the Toronto Public Library brought her fascinating and inspiring workshop to our students!

Authors We Love: Suzanne Collins

The MPC library is lucky to have many brilliant volunteers.  They organize, they shelve, they help, they clean… and most importantly, they read.  These great readers contribute to our Readers’ Pick reviews and display in our fiction section, and now, they are creating a weekly rotation of “Authors We Love.”   Our first featured author is Suzanne Collins!  Here’s Emma Carey with more:

When I read The Hunger Games series it was clear that it was going to become extremely popular. The ideas behind The Hunger Games were great and the plot moved along very well. I loved Katniss and most of all I loved Peeta. I am personally not a fan of love triangles  at all, so the Katniss, Peeta, Gale triangle just bugged me. But I loved the rest of the book (some major spoilers follow) and when Rue died I cried for three days. Catching Fire I loved a little lessThe beginning started very slow and was quite boring, but when Katniss was back in the games, the plot quickly picked up again. The ending was a huge cliffhanger with Peeta being captured by the capital. I had some major problems with Mockingbird. I had to force myself to start reading it. Fortunately the plot picked up as it went along or else I would have had to abandon ship. But I am very glad that I persevered and finished it because overall it was a great book. The ending was heartbreaking but parts of it seemed a little unrealistic to me but other than that it was great. Please read The Hunger Games! You won’t regret it.

-Emma Carey