Explore your virtual library

By clicking Library Resources on the menu bar above, you will be connected to the TDSB Virtual Library, which has a ton of useful stuff for your research and reading pleasure! Use it to find databases, videos and curated websites, get help with citations, or find a new book in the catalogue. If you have any questions about it, ask Ms Green in the library, or by email at rebecca.green@tdsb.on.ca.

Kinesiology Research

Refer to this slideshow for more information on APA style. Make a copy of this handout in your google drive to use for note-taking and website evaluation.

For your presentation, play with:


Mindomo for a cool mind map program where you can embed video (like Prezi but less sick-making)

Screencastify to create an audio or video narration of your Google slides

WeVideo to edit your own video online — this video is a very helpful guide to getting started.


Powtoon for a slightly more complicated presentation video (expect to import your own pics rather than use their library, as most of the cool stuff costs $$$). Take a look at these tips on making a good video.

Science Research


Image result for citation memeWe’ll start our lesson with a look at plagiarism and academic honesty, using the tutorial “You Quote It, You Note It”. 

We will review what you’ve learned with “APA Style for Beginning Scientists” and youwill have your own copy of our references. You’ll go home today with all the tools you need to be a research superstar.

For future reference, the OWL Purdue site can answer all of your questions.

Persuasive Letters with Ms Jackson’s class

Try this letter generator to get your business letter format.

Make sure that you mention the source of your information at the end of the letter, after your signature. The format for the video looks like this:

GravitasVOD. “Tapped.” YouTube, YouTube, 25 July 2012, www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzntuXdE8dY.

Economics Culminating: Best Sources

Welcome back!

Use this note-taking sheet to keep track of your sources and information.  Open it with your tdsb login, then make a copy to your drive.

The TDSB Virtual Library has an excellent list of sources for Economics research.  You can access the list here. Under Grade, select 9-12, then under Subject, select Business Studies & Economics.

Good luck!  See me in the library if you have any questions.


I WRITE, therefore I CITE

Hey Philosophy Class, it’s time to think deeply about how we collect information and share it with others.  Today’s lesson is all about how to use APA Style.

We’ll start with this slide show:

APA Style for Beginners

And then you’ll complete this challenge:

APA Citation Challenge

And then you will be SO READY for whatever delicious research assignment gets served up next!