So many bugs!

While it might have looked like someone loved the library so much they had to move in to the courtyard, what was actually happening in the tent in the garden was (even) cooler than that: Mr. Zoras’s science class was collecting bugs and recording their findings, as part of a Canada-wide project.  Here’s a summary from the project’s website:

“Since 2013, the School Malaise Trap Program has teamed up with thousands of students and educators across Canada in order to explore the insect diversity found in their schoolyards. The program’s goal is to encourage students to explore, question and understand the world around them – starting with their own schoolyard. Students are introduced to the life of a biologist and the exciting science of DNA barcoding.

“Through hands-on research and inquiry based learning, the School Malaise Trap Program encourages students to become actively engaged citizen scientists – their efforts contribute valuable data to the International Barcode of Life project. Over 700 new species to BOLD have been discovered since this project began!”

Here’s the list of species in our garden:

Species List Monarch Park Collegiate

Individual Trap Report_Monarch Park Collegiate