History Research for Grade 10 students: A Review

Here’s what we did last time we met:

We’ll start our lesson with a look at plagiarism and academic honesty, using the tutorial “You Quote It, You Note It”. 

We’ll then look at how to cite try out MLA style with this citation overview and exercise.

Test your skills here:Online Citation Test

In addition to the databases listed on the  history handout and books that you can access through this site, you may want to explore the primary sources available at these websites:

CBC Archives

City of Toronto Archives

Library and Archives Canada

Local History and Genealogy – Toronto Public Library

Pro tip: when you’re searching on the internet for sources, try limiting your search by type “site:edu” after your search term, in order to limit your returns to university websites.


Making comics

Ms Froude’s Genocide class is learning about making comics in order to complete their unit assignment; this website has really clear examples and explanations of comic book techniques: http://www.creativecomicart.com/index.html

And we will be working on bitstrips: www.bitstripsforschools.com.  Here’s a video explaining how to use Bitstrips:


History and Remembrance

As Remembrance Day approaches, here are two websites you might like to visit for a reminder of the powerful history that the day commemorates.

Interested in hearing first-hand the stories from those directly involved in the war? Check out The Memory Project.  In their words:

This nationwide bilingual project will create a record of Canada’s participation in the Second World War and Korean War as seen through the eyes of thousands of veterans. The Memory Project will provide every living Second World War and Korean War veteran with the opportunity to share their memories through oral interviews and digitized artefacts and memorabilia.  http://www.thememoryproject.com/

And my favourite site for radio and film of the war is the CBC Digital Archives at www.cbc.ca/archives.  Hearing or viewing the events reported as they happened is a powerful way to learn more about them, and the archivists have grouped clips well for ease of use.

History Research made Easy

There are so very many great sources for researching history — in other words, you have no excuse for using some cheap, off-brand website with no author or publication date.  Use the library handout for all your superior quality, name brand sources. Also, pick up our passwords “learnmark” to help you explore the databases and other paid-for sources at home.