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Tuesday morning in the library

A beautiful fall day, full of possibilities.  What possibilities, you ask?  Why, let me supply you with a list:

Possibility #1: Celebrating your love of anime and manga with other fan-girls and -boys this afternoon in the library.  The Anime Club meets every Tuesday without fail.

Possibility #2: Learning or teaching a craft at our Crafter’s Guild.  Come by the library to chat with Ms Green about this today, or just come out to our first meeting next Monday after school.

Possibility #3: Reading a new book!  We’re in the midst of processing new comics, non-fiction and novels for your enjoyment.  Check them out!  Also, if you don’t see what you want, fill out a request in our Suggestions Binder.

Possibility #4: Getting help from a teacher.  We’ve just added a page on our site called Sites by MPC Teachers to connect students with the great websites MPC staff have made.

Let’s hope one of these possibilities appeals to you. Visit us in the library, then for goodness sake, get out there and enjoy this sunshine!