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Keep in mind that the research process, much like the writing process, is not linear. As much as we like to think we just have to ask the question, find the information, take notes, write the essay, and hand it in, good writers will often find that they need to go back and research one or more points again or anew. The Inquiry Wheel shown above details the stages of the research process, and its circular nature reinforces the idea that good research is necessarily fluid.This is why it is crucial to start early and allow yourself the time to go through the process as many times as necessary. Make a library your second home as you embark on this research project. Not only can you access print resources easily, your librarian can help you find the digital resources that are appropriate to rigorous research.

Note: this guide combines handouts from Research Success by TDSB and Q Tasks by Carol Koechlin. All quotes are from

Question Building

Finding Good Sources

Processing Information

Writing the Essay