Finding Good Sources

If we knew what it was we were doing, it would not be called research, would it? -Albert Einstein
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Digital resources can be accessed through this website. Click on Library Resources to get to the TDSB Virtual Library, which looks like this:


Click SEARCH and select Grade 9-12 and your subject area to find databases, ebooks and websites of high academic calibre. Click CATALOGUE to search books, ebooks and videos on your topic.

You should also explore databases at the Toronto Public Library. You will need a library card to access resources.

No matter what the source, use the CARS Checklist:



Is an author listed?  What are the author’s credentials?  

  Has the author taken care to check for misspelling, poor grammar, etc.? 


Is the date of the site current? 

  Is the information complete and not too vague? 


Is the author fair and objective? 

  Is the author concerned with the truth? 



Does the author provide support for the information? 

  Are the sources listed? 

  Are there other resources with similar information? 

(from Evaluating Internet Research Sources by Robert Harris)

As your research progresses and your focus narrows, you may need to plan for primary research. This video will help you:

Ready to keep track of these great sources? Check out how to process information.