Volunteer Training

1. Dewey!

Learn the Dewey decimal system at this website:


2. Review the parts of our library website:


3. On the website, go to Catalogue, Encyclopedias and Databases.  Explore the TDSB library web page.  In particular, go to Online Databases > Canadian Student Reference Centre.  Look up an issue that could be relevant to the library.

4. Look up a book in the catalogue.  Go find it on the shelf.

5. Open Word. Type your name and a one-sentence description of yourself.  Font should be 20-point and in a style of your choice.  Print it.

6. Draw your map of the library here/on the back of this paper. Include:

  • Photocopier
    • Circulation desk
    • Book returns
    • Stacks
    • Comics
    • Encyclopedias
    • Fiction genres
    • Dictionary
    • French Resources
    • Picture Books