What is a podcast, anyway?

Thanks for asking, Trevor.  A podcast is really just a radio show that you can download to your ipod or other device.  Like a radio show, it has a regular host, a mix of music and talking (even if it’s just theme music) and it’s all about one particular topic.

Have a listen to some of these ESPN podcasts to see if you get the idea.  If you’re interested in a movie review, check out the Now Playing podcast.  No matter what your topic, these podcasts will be useful to you.

As you listen, think about what makes the podcast good or bad, and how you might use their techniques in your own podcast. 

When you’re making your own podcast, sample some music from Free Music Archive for your intro.

Finally, if you’re having so much fun with Audacity that you would like to use it at home, click here to download it for free!